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Prevented from Accessing Page Due to Company Settings

When navigating through ExakTime Connect, you may receive a warning like below when you are not able to access a particular web page.

Your company's security settings prevent you from viewing this information. 
Check with your administrator for access.


This message is generally due to one of two things:

No Permission

Your ExakTime Connect Security Role may not allow permission to access a given webpage. If you have an Administrator role, refer to the next section. If you are using a unique role such as a Supervisor, Bookkeeper, etc., then you should consult your ExakTime Connect Administrator to make sure that you have permission for the page. If you do have permission but are still receiving the message, try to close the web browser (close all windows for the web browser), then try again. If you are still having trouble, refer to the following section. 

Outdated Web Browser Data

Like many websites, outdated web browser data/cache/cookies can affect the performance of a website. Some common ways to resolve this are:

  • Close the web browser completely, reopen and try again.
  • Try to access the website with an Incognito/Private Window or a different browser. Accessing a website with Incognito/Private or another browser will not use any stored data/cookies. If you have no trouble after this method, try clearing your data cache/cookies for your regular web browser.
  • Clear your data cache/cookies. A common solution to websites not acting/responding as expected is to clear your browser's web data. For the steps on how to do this, you can refer to the following article.
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