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Why Are My Employees Missing Time in ExakTime?

As there are many moving parts with receiving your employees' records, there are a variety of reasons why an employee's records may not be appearing as expected on their time cards. During these situations, we try to go step-by-step to try to determine where the problem is coming from and where to focus our efforts. 

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Checking ExakTime Connect

As ExakTime Connect is readily accessible for you, it is easier to check ExakTime Connect which could explain why time records are missing.

Check Quarantined Time

If you have pay period closing or time card approvals enabled, it is possible that the employee's punches were sent after the pay period has been closed or an employee's time card has been approved. In this instance, the punches will instead go to "quarantined time" until the reason for their quarantining is resolved, be it reopening the pay period or unapproving the time card.

For more information about quarantined time, you can refer to the following dedicated article.


Check Time Audit Reports

The Audit Time reports can indicate what happened to an employee's time record after it has reached their time card. If you have multiple administrators, it is possible that another administrator/time card manager had deleted or edited the record. The audit time records should indicate who had performed the time card adjustment and what was adjusted. In the event of this, we cannot undo the original time card adjustments, but you can recreate the time record manually. 

For more information about our time audit reports, you can refer to the following dedicated article.


Check Collection Details

Collection details could be considered the "holding area" for punches before they are processed and reach your time cards. From the collection details, you can review any punches received. If the punches are not present

For more information about Collection Details, you can refer to the following dedicated article.


Checking your Devices

If you have determined that your employee's punches have not reached your ExakTime Connect account, then we should focus on the devices your employees use to clock in/out.

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