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12/2022 Talent Release Notes

Arcoro is excited to announce the December release for our customers and partners. This release provides an enhancement to the Arcoro Learning and Performance System modules. This article will describe the software update and provide details to help you get started with these new enhancements.


Learning Management and Performance Management - Reports

Within the in-module reports of the Talent module, Employee ID field is now included as an additional column within the reports.

The following reports have Employee ID field included:

Field Description
Execute Import Once all fields in the Properties are completed, clicking the Execute Import button will force the system to search the SFTP site for the filename and import the file into the system.
Import Name Specifies the name of the Custom Import. When automating Imports, the import process will process Custom Imports in alphabetical order. So, if automating more than one Import, the Import Name can be used to control the order in which files are imported.
Import Type Specifies the type of data to be imported. The Import Types available correlate to Import Formats available on the Data >> Imports >> Standard screen.
Import Format Specifies the format of the file to be imported - either delimited or fixed length
Worksheet Name If importing from Microsoft Excel, this specifies the name of the Worksheet within the Workbook that contains the data to be imported.
Field Count Only applicable for "Employee" import types. This field specifies how many columns (or fields) of data will be present in the Import File.
Import file contains Column Headers Indicates if column headers will be present in the Import File.
Only updates will be processed via this Import Only applicable for "Employee" import types. When checked the system will not populate any new records and will only update records that match the SSN or Employee ID supplied in the Import File.
Add new Lookup values Only applicable for "Employee" import types. When checked the system will add Lookup Fields automatically to the system as they are found within the Import File. For example, if a Department is specified in the Import File, but not in the HRIS, the Department will be added to the HRIS during Import. This is a very helpful setting especially, for example, when you have many Departments in a company. The system will add the values so you would not have to manually add them in under Setup > Setup Properties > Field Value Setup. For User Defined Lookup fields 1 – 15, the UDL field needs to be named under Setup > Setup Properties > Field Value Setup prior to importing the data so that the field is visible on the employee profile. One caution, if there are typos or differences in case (Exempt vs EXEMPT) in the values in the file as compared to the system, ‘duplicate’ values will be created.
Format Specifies if data will be imported manually or from an SFTP Server. If the data will be imported from an SFTP Server, the server name, username, password, and file name will need to be requested and information entered here.
Notification Addresses Specifies email addresses that should be used to email a notification each time a File is imported as a Custom Import.
Only email on error If this box is checked then a notification email will only be sent to the Notification Addresses if more than one error is encountered during the import. If this box is not checked, then an email will be sent each time a custom import executes.

Learning Management – ClickSafety Course Bundles

Within the Learning Management system, we have now built into the Arcoro Load Course Bundle page, the ClickSafety course bundles.

Customers with ClickSafety courses will find the bundles on the following page in the module, Account Admin > LMS Setup > Load Arcoro Content Bundle.

If you already have these courses, refer to the attached customer support article (here) for how to transition to using the built-in courses. If you have questions on the instructions provided, please reach out to support for assistance.

If you are a customer who is interested in purchasing ClickSafety courses, please contact your Account Manager for more information and a quote.

Annual Compliance Action Items

EEO “Know Your Rights” poster

Within our Applicant Tracking system are links to the EEO “Know Your Rights” law posters.  A new poster and subsequent links were released in October 2022. Employers are expected to replace/post within a reasonable amount of time, so in effort to keep our customers in compliance, we have updated the links that are currently within our job and application pages.

I-9 Form | BDHR & Core HR

At this time, the federal government has not released a new form and has issued a statement that employers should continue using the current Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification until at least July 2023 or further notice. 

Federal & State W4’s| BDHR Onboarding and Core

At this time, the federal government or individual states have not released new forms.  If a new Federal W4 or individual State W4’s are released, we will update it within our Onboarding and Core modules accordingly and within the time allotted by the government. We appreciate your patience as we allow our development team to make the necessary updates.

ACA updates | Core HR

No new law changes or updates to the form currently.  We will continue to monitor for any changes that may occur.

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