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Job Postings - Step 2: Additional Questions


This section of the job creation process allows you to enter any job specific question that will be associated with the individual job posting. Any additional questions that where created under the Advanced Settings will automatically added into each job post unless marked otherwise in the properties if the question.

Additional questions can also be added to each job posting. This feature helps you ask questions that are job specific. Any question created within the job post will not be seen in any other job postings.


Adding a New Question

  • From the Actions drop-down menu, click Add a New Question.


  • Set up the question type, then click Next.
    • Select the weighting for the question.
      • A question with no weight that will not be scored - A question that has no outcome in the application process. Typically used to get to know the applicant or to gather information.
      • A question with a weight that I will define that will be scored - A question that requires an answer from the applicant. Scoring options will be provided in the step 2.
      • A question, that if answered incorrectly will not allow the applicant to apply - A question that requires an answer from the applicant. Answering this question incorrectly will not allow the completion of the application.
    • How should the question appear to the applicant?
      • This will determine how the applicant will be able to answer the question. Answers can range from Radio list, Check boxes, or text entered. 
    • Is the question required?


  • Enter the Question then click Next.


  • Select the display order if you have multiple questions and need the questions to appear in a certain order. Click Save and Continue.


  • Depending on the type of question, you will be prompted to provide questions. If so, click Add New Option. When finished adding all options, click Save and Continue.



  • Review the question.


  • When finished, click Close question and return to all questions.
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