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Job Postings - Step 6: ZipRecruiter

The ZipRecruiter tab will become available only after the ZipRecruiter module has been activated. The ZipRecruiter module can be activated in the Advanced Settings menu. Once activated, the Recruiting Administrators will be able to send jobs to 100+ job boards that ZipRecruiter partners with. This includes job boards like Jobs2Careers, JuJu, SimplyHired, and Glassdoor. This also includes alerts to over 25+ million job seekers.

Once a job has been posted, and the ZipRecruiter has been activated, Recruiting administrators can simply click on the "ZipRecruiter" icon in the "Use the button below to Boost this job to ZipRecruiter" column. Once boosted, the icon will change to "Boosted" and the 30 day countdown will begin. The price for a job boost is $199 per job. This will sponsor the job to ZipRecruiter for 30 days. Please note that after 30 days the job will automatically repost, unless the requisition's status is changed to closed, filled, or pending.

Every job posted to ZipRecruiter must include a City, State, and Zip Code.


Please note that only Recruiting Administrators will be able to post jobs to ZipRecruiter. This will help ensure that only the users with the correct configuration have the capabilities or confirming the $199 charges of each job post sent to ZipRecruiter.

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