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Configure Recruiting Portal - Step 2: Configure Applicant Profile

The Applicant Profile tab provides the ability to build the profile of fields that should be completed by Applicants applying via the Recruiting Portal. In other words, this tab provides the ability to specify what type of information is to be collected from Applicants when they apply against a Job Posting.

This tab must be completed in order for Applicants to apply against Job Postings on the Recruiting Portal. The tabs listed here will appear in the Applicant Profile. The Advanced Config link in each tab record can be used to further configure how a particular tab should function and which fields should be required.

  • While each tab has it's own name, the tab name that is displayed can be edited. For example, you can have the Introduction tab display "Welcome" instead of "Introduction".
  • The order of the tabs can also be adjusted, besides the "Submit" tab which will always be the last tab.
  • The "Configure" button allows you to enter additional text/directions that are exclusive to the tab.
  • Each tab can be configured individually and can be hidden if it is something that you do not wish to include in the process.
  • A preview of the tabs can be seen at the bottom of the page.


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