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Advanced Settings for Applicant Tracking - Email Templates

The email templates are used by the system to send automated emails when the applicant reaches a specific section of the application process or when hiring managers or recruiters select specific actions within the applicant’s profile. These emails will be sent to every applicant, so you will want to keep the response as generic as possible. You also have the capability to embed the mail merge code “[Applicant]” or “[Position]” (minus the quotation marks). If you use this code within the email body, the code will pick up either the applicant’s name or the position which they have applied for.

The following Email Templates can be configured:

  • Profile Response
    • This template is an automated response if you have enabled be Applicant Profile to include the log-in user creation option. This option is displayed if the Show Account Information to Applicant has been checked on. This option is available in the Personal Information configuration window. The email will go out to the applicants as they complete the profile creation process.
  • Application Response
    • This template is used as an automated response to email after the applicant completes the application process.
  • Interview Request
    • This template is used within the applicant profile under the "Schedule Interview" link. Additional notes can be added to this email prior to clicking the send button.
  • Application Decline
    • This template is used within the applicants job application. When used at the applicant level this email template can be customized further. This is available when you click on an applicant to view their profile.
  • Reference From
    • When enabled, this template sends an email to each reference that the applicant has provided email information for.

* Currently the applicant has the ability to provide either the phone number of a reference or a telephone number. Please be sure that you use the “Reference” configuration option and ask the applicants to provide a valid email address for each reference.

Merge Fields

The following Merge Fields can be entered into the email templates. (The exact text must match, including the brackets.)

  • [Applicant]
  • [Position]

For example the email template could look like this (color added to help identify the code):

Dear [Applicant],

Thank you for applying to the [Position] position. We will contact you shortly.


Human Resources

The email received by the applicant will appear like this (color added to help identify the code):

Dear John Smith,

Thank you for applying to the Account Manager position. We will contact you shortly.


Human Resources

Hiring managers can be emailed when an application is received. Checking this box will enable that function. When creating a job posting you have the option to select one or more hiring managers to receive these notifications.


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