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Advanced Settings for Applicant Tracking - Job Categories

The Categories tab allows you to enter categories that will be used to define each job post. These categories will also help you identify which job post the hiring managers have access to*. The categories can match the departments that the job will be dedicated to or can be a subcategory.

For example, you can have a Job Category by name of Administrator. If you create a job for an Office Assistant you can apply the Administrator category to said job. If you have restricted managers to their specific categories, then only said manager will be able to view the actual job post.

Please note that you can enter as many job categories that you wish, but they cannot be deleted if they have been assigned to a job post. The job post would need to be reassigned to a new job category before the original category can be deleted.

One way to use this feature is to think about your hiring locations. If you have multiple locations with different managers in each location, you can a “Sales – Los Angeles” and a “Sales – Phoenix” category. This is helpful if you have different managers in each of those to locations and would like to restrict the job posts to them by location.


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