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Advanced Settings for Applicant Tracking - Referral Sources

A Referral Source is generally the name of a third-party site or person that might direct Applicants to the Recruiting Portal. A unique URL will be created for each Referral Source identified below for each Job Posting created. This URL will be available on the Job Posting screen. The unique Referral Source URL can then be provided to the third party to be used when linking Applicants to the Recruiting Portal so that the system can track where Applicants are referred from.

When creating a referral link it is important to type it in with no spaces and with the .com or .net etc. with it. The system creates a link and this link may not work correctly with spaces or without it.

An example of a Referral Source would be Career Builder, Yahoo Jobs, and Job Finder.



  • Q: Why use a referral link?
    • A: When an applicant clicks on an external referral link that data is collected in your referral dashboard. These results will help tell you where your applicants are coming from.
  • Q: Can I manually select the resource for each applicant if it is blank?
    • A: Yes, under the applicant profile there is a drop down that can be used to select the resource.
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