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Advanced Settings for Applicant Tracking - Permissions

The Permissions tab will allow you to configure the restrictions that every manager in the system will have for the applicant tracking feature of Core HR. The top of the page will list a description of the permissions and the bottom of the page will list managers and their permissions.

For an employee to be listed in the list of managers, the employee must be set as a "Manager" in their employee demographic info. If you need assistance with this, expand the below section:

How To Set Employees As Managers

Expand Employee, expand Employee, then click Demographic Info from the Core HR menu.


On the Demographic Info page, go to the Employee tab and use the checkbox for Manager. Save your changes.



There are specific settings that each manager can be assigned. These include the following:

  • Recruiting Administrator - Manager has full access to all settings of Applicant Tracking.
  • Recruiter - Manager has access to all settings of Applicant Tracking except the Configure Recruiting Portal and Advanced Settings screens. Recruiter must be selected to apply the following settings:
    • Can Create Job Postings - Manager can create Job Postings.
    • Job Postings Require Approval - Job Postings created by Manager must be approved. This only applies if the Manager has permissions to Create Job Postings.
    • Job Posting Approver - Manager can approve Job Postings.
    • Can Hire Applicants - Manager can Hire Applicants for Job Postings for which Manager has permissions.

The following settings can also be applied:

  • Restrict Manager to Job Postings by Category - Manager can only access job postings belonging to categories the Manager is currently assigned. An employee is considered a manager if they are set to either a "Recruiting Administrator" or "Recruiter".
  • Restrict System Administrator to Job Postings by Category - System Administrators can only access job postings belonging to categories the System Administrator is currently assigned.
  • Applicant Profile Read Only to Managers - The Applicant Profile will be Read Only to both Recruiting Administrators and Recruiters (managers). System Administrators will be able to modify Applicant Data.

Restricting Managers to Job Categories

While in the “Manager Permissions“ tab, click on the name of the specific manager that you would like to restrict. This will bring up a window with the Job Categories that were set up in the “Categories” tab. Use the checkbox on all of the job categories that the selected manager will have access to. Proceed with the same steps with all of the managers that will have restrictions. Any category not selected will not be accessible to the selected manager.


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