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Advanced Settings for Applicant Tracking - Additional Questions

The Additional Questions within the Advanced Settings will be global questions that are automatically pre-populated in all new job postings. Because these questions are placed in every new job postings; they should be as generic as possible. It should be something that you would ask every single applicant. We do offer the ability to delete specific global questions within the job posts you create. During the creation of a job post you will also have the option to add job specific questions.


This is the tool set you will use to add as many global questions as you would like. Each question requires 3 steps.

Step 1. Question Properties

  • Question Type: What type of question do you want to create.
    • A question with no weight that will not be scored - A question that has no outcome in the application process. Typically used to get to know the applicant or to gather information.
    • A question with a weight that I will define that will be scored - A question that requires an answer from the applicant. Scoring options will be provided in the step 2.
    • A question, that if answered incorrectly will not allow the applicant to apply - A question that requires an answer from the applicant. Answering this question incorrectly will not allow the completion of the application.
  • Question Type: How should the question look to the applicant?
    • This will determine how the applicant will be able to answer the question. Answers can range from Radio list, Check boxes, or text entered.
  • Question Type: Can this question be deleted at the posting level?
    • Selecting yes here will allow the global question to be removed when creating a new Job Posting.
  • Question: What would you like to ask?
    • The question that will be asked to the applicant.
  • Display Order: This screen display the order in which your question will be displayed.
    • Any previously added questions will be shown on this screen to assure your approval of the display order.

Step 2. Question Options

  • This option will be affected by the Question Type. If a textbox or multiline texbox has been selected this tab will not be required.
  • If a multiple choice question was selected, the answer options will be added in this screen.
  • Add the answer and choose display order.
  • The choice to mark the answer as the "correct" answer is given in the last option. This will determine if the applicant will be able to complete the application process. The incorrect answer will "knock out" the applicant and sent to the Submit Tab saying they are not qualified for the job.

Step 3. Question Review

  • This screen will display how the question and answering section will be seen by the applicant.
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