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Create Benefit Package: Step 2 - Benefit Configuration: Step 2.5 - Waiting Period Rules

There are two places to set up employees waiting period rules in the system.


The first location is in Settings > Benefit Management > Waiting Period Rules. This should state the first time an employee is eligible for any benefit. For more information about benefit waiting period rules, you can refer to the following article.

  • For example, If the employee gets basic life and AD&D on the hire date, then the waiting period rules for the system under Settings > Benefit Management > Waiting Period Rules should have that rule placed there. That tab in the system should always have the employees earliest eligibility set. 

The second location is at the benefit level for any benefits that differ from the above waiting period rule and for employees that need to wait for Medical or dental benefits any time after their date of hire like first of the month after 30 days or 60 days.

The "Waiting Period Rule" tab within the benefit is the waiting rule for that specific benefit. If this rule is the same as the package or system rule then no rule is needed. Eligibility rules can be applied here as well if employees have waiting period rules specified by the department, employee type or status.

The rule set at this level will determine the date that populates on the Employee > Demographic Info > Employee > Benefit Eligibility Date

Adding a New Rule

  1. Select Eligibility Rule from "Employee Eligibility Rule" drop down box. 
    • This will determine which employees this rule will apply to. 
  2. Select applicable rule from the "Benefit Eligibility Rule" drop down box. 
    • This will determine the length of time until the employee becomes eligible for the benefit package.
  3. If applicable: enter the days or months that correlate to step 2 
    • Example: The specified number of days following the Hire Date: 60
  4. Save Rule

Note: To Edit an existing rule click the notebook and pencil icon located on the left hand side of the rule - notice the existing rule will now be populated at the top of the page, and the drop down and text boxes can be edited and re-saved. 

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