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Create Benefit Package: Step 2 - Benefit Configuration: Step 2.1 - Benefit Type

All benefits and plans, visible or invisible to employees, must be created for deductions to occur. Before a plan can be added to a benefit, the benefit must be added first.

The benefit and plans are configured from the 'Configure Benefit Structure' tab.


  • Click Add Benefit. from the Actions drop-down menu.


  • Select the benefit type to tell the system what benefit will be configuring. Your benefit type will determine tax and configuration thereafter.
    • If the desired benefit type is not listed, select 'Other (01-05)'.
    • Only one benefit type can be selected per benefit.


  • Click Save and Continue >> when finished. Default settings will be applied that are traditionally used when benefits of that type are configured. These defaults can be adjusted later.


  • You should never re-use a benefit type or have duplicate benefit types within the same package. This will affect EDI (electronic data feeds) to carriers and reporting. This will also affect events and the selection of benefits for employees within benefits.  If two benefits within the same package are both using the same benefit "type," then one of the two benefits can never be excluded from an enrollment event.
  • The benefit type can be changed from the 'Benefit Properties' tab.

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