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Create Benefit Package: Step 2 - Plan Configuration: Step 2.3 - Premium

The coverage rate/template selected from the 'Properties' tab for a plan determines what you will see under the 'Premiums' tab. You will likely see just a premium box and employer contribution box for many of the coverage rate templates selected.


It can be best to click 'Show All' so that premiums for later coverage options are not missed or forgotten. If no premium or employer credit is entered, the coverage option will not be visible to the employee. If there is no cost, then a zero needs to be chosen.

Other coverage/rate templates can provide benefit amount divisors to divide the coverage by before applying premium cost or age bands.


The options provided on the 'Premium' tab are always derived from the coverage rate template. If the benefit plan being built is incorrect, the coverage rate template will need to be changed and saved.

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