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Plan Utilities Overview

Plan Utilities assists administrators in processing benefits for employees, terminating benefits, deleting incorrect benefits, recalculating costs, and possibly resetting elections. The utility will perform functions for al employees in the system and the only filtration administrators may get is dates being used or benefits and plans being processed or terminated.

  • To access Plan Utilities, expand Settings from the menu and click Benefit Management.
  • Click Plan Utilities from the top menu.
  • You will arrive at the Plan Utilities page where you can select your utility, plan and run the utility.


Plan Utilities is used to accomplish several benefits-related tasks.

Note: Utilities run in mass and will effect every employee that is eligible for or has benefits.

Plan Utilities can be used to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Creating Benefit Records (with or without Rollover Mapping)
  • Terminating Benefit Records
  • Deleting Benefit Records
  • Recalculating cost
  • Reset Elections back to Default Coverage
  • Add all employees to Benefit Change Log
  • Add Previous Year's Terms to Benefit Change Log
  • Generate a billing roster
  • Update Benefit Record Expiration Dates
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