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Plan Utilities - Step 3: Run Utility

Once you have selected to run the utility on Step 2 your utility will be placed in a queue visible on "Step 3 - Run Utility." The queue will pick up new utilities every 30 minutes as the queue allows.

(E.g. If at the next 30 minute interval there is room to in the queue to pick up the utility you ran it will be picked up and the status will change from pending to in process and completed once it has finished running with a date and time stamp of completion. If at the next 30 minute interval the queue does not currently have enough room to pick up your utility then it will be looked at, at the next 30 minute interval to be ran and will follow the same process once picked up.)

Once your utility has completed running you may move back to step to and adjust to run any other benefits that you might need to know run based of dependencies.


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