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Create Benefit Package: Step 2 - Plan Configuration: Step 2.7 - Relationship Restrictions

Relationship restrictions will restrict employees from the ability to cover or select relationships in the system. The only relationships available for dependent coverage will be Child, Spouse, and occasionally Domestic Partner by default.

You can create as many relationships as you wish under Setup > Setup Properties > Field Value Setup > Relationships. For more information about relationships, you can refer to the following article.


While creating relationships, which will all be available on this tab, the administrator can choose whether the relationship is a dependent or just a beneficiary. If one of these types is eligible for certain plans but not others, administrators can restrict their access to receive coverage here. Please note: This is generally configured in the "Coverage Levels" tab by editing the coverage option and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Depends covered are selected and minimum requirements are chosen. Most commonly, relationships that have been configured as dependents for some plans like those within a medical benefit will include a domestic partner. If other medical plans do not accept domestic partners as dependents or plans within dental and vision benefits, then an administrator would select the domestic partner on step 7 so that they would not be able to be covered by the employee.

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