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Create Benefit Package: Step 4 - Review Configuration

Administrators are able to check on the system in which they have built with PDF/Excel reports.  These reports can be used to see:

  • Eligibility rules
  • Assignment of those rules
  • Rate configuration annually and monthly
  • Average dependents and EOI
  • Evidence of insurability

All reports should be viewed when comparing two packages before rollover completion and after each package has been built with all benefits for that year.  The reports that are viewable are specifically for the package of benefits that has been selected in the 'Configure Package Properties' tab.


Verification Check

The 'Verification Check' will assist administrators with exports in relation to the configured benefit package. Notification will be given if HMO benefits or plans are not utilizing PCP and the eligibility rules being utilized.  


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The next article is Step 5 - Voluntary Benefits

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