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Carriers - Providers Tab

The Provider tab should be used to track Provider Information specific to your account. The Primary Contact Information should generally reflect your primary electronic transfer contact (i.e. EDI Analyst, etc.)

After adding a new Carrier, you can then assign the carrier within a benefits package at the benefit plan level.

Navigating to the Providers Tab for Carriers
  • From the menu, expand Settings and click Benefit Management.


  • Click Carriers from the top-menu bar.


  • Click the name of the carrier if editing. Otherwise, go to the Actions drop-down menu and click Add New Carrier.



To set up a Carrier:

  • Use the Provider drop-down menu to select the Carrier that you are configuring.
  • Enter the contact information of your primary contact.
  • Click Save Provider to save the carrier entry and to refer to any of the other tabs.
  • If you have any account documents for the carrier, you can upload the file and provide a name for the file here.
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