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Voluntary Carrier Integrations - AFLAC Integration

This portion of Online Help describes the steps required to build Aflac benefits within your system and to allow enrollment in those desired products. The Aflac Integration will allow Administrators to receive responses for approved questions within the HRIS system. Depending upon your current use of the system, you may wish to perform activities outside the scope of this document

The image below displays the process for integrating Aflac products into the HRIS enrollment process.


Getting Started

Administrators will need to contact an Aflac representatives and receive approval to offer products from the carrier. Specific questions will need to be approved from Aflac along with rates and possible employer contributions for employee elections.

Changes in Enrollment

Within the HRIS system, employees have the ability to begin change events from their employee portal where benefits are elected. Those benefits have been built within the system and provide coverage options within each plan that employees may be eligible for. Administrators have the ability to add plan documentation and benefit text for detailed instructions to assist employees in their benefit elections. Enrollment will generally look like the example provided below.


The Aflac Integration allows Administrators the ability to require specific questions within the benefit elections for Aflac products. These questions will determine eligibility for coverage options depending on the specific products that are offered through Aflac. Employees wishing to elect these products will be required to answer 4-10 questions before saving elections and moving onto the next screen within an event. The example below provides a sample of these questions within an event.



To offer products through Aflac and allow employees to elect products within change events, administrators will need to complete the following:

  1. Receive approval from Aflac
  2. Receive approved questions for each product to capture evidence of insurability
  3. Build package of benefits with Aflac products for plan year
  4. Build Aflac benefits, plans, and coverage options with approved rates
  5. Populate questions employees must answer for elections into products
  6. Configure and activate change event with Aflac products included
  7. Assign Change events to employees for enrollment


Similar to any benefit build in the HRIS system, the first decision made during configuration will be the Benefit "Type." The type chosen will give the benefit its default settings. These are consistent with the settings of a standard benefit of the same name. For the Aflac Integration, administrators are given the choice of 18 separate products for benefit configuration. Each specific benefit type comes with its own preset questions that employees will need to answer for enrollment to occur. These questions vary from 4 questions to as many as 12 questions depending on the state in which employees are residing and the specific product being offered.


Benefits will be built out in the same manner other benefits within a package would be after benefit type has been selected in step 1. Steps 2-6 need to be examined by administrators to ensure benefit level configuration matches products that are being offered through Aflac.

Plan configuration for Aflac benefits will be completed in the same way as before the integration was available. Step 1 - Properties will be vital when selecting coverage/rate template so that coverage options are visible and calculate correctly for employees to elect within change events.


Steps 2 -7 would be no different for administrators then setting up a benefits for other carriers.

Underwriting (Enrollment) Questions

Within the package that Aflac products are built, administrators will see a Step 6 - Underwriting (Enrollment) Questions after selecting the package after navigating to Settings > Benefit Management


Benefits that have been built within this package and assigned as an Aflac type will populate under step 6. Administrators will need to Populate Aflac Questions from the actions icon after all benefits are built and assigned correctly.


Before open enrollment or new hire events containing Aflac products are released to employees and made available, events will need to be tested to ensure accuracy in configuration and costs. Administrators will configure events containing Aflac products the same way events have been configured in the past. All products being offered in the event must be checked off as seen below. If Aflac benefits are not selected, employees will not be able to make elections for those unselected benefits in a change event. The screen shot below is from the benefits tab of an event that has been configured. in this scenario, the Whole Life Alternate benefit would not be available for employees to elect where all other Aflac products would be available for employees to elect.


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