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Self Service Toolkit - Open Enrollment Configuration Checklist

The Steps identified below are meant to serve as a checklist for configuring your upcoming package for Open Enrollment. These steps are reviewed in detail in the pages that follow. Below we have also identified a few important questions to ask yourself as you commence the OE configuration process to highlight potential action items and/or changes needed.

Steps for Open Enrollment Configuration:

  1. Update Pay Schedules
  2. Clear Alerts
  3. Duplicate Benefit Package
  4. Update Carriers
  5. Review, Update and/or Add Benefits
  6. Review, Update and/or Add Plans
  7. Create a Rollover Mapping
  8. Create Benefit Records
  9. Review & Update OE Screens
  10. Review & Update Event Settings
  11. Test OE Event
  12. Open OE Window for Eligible Employees

Important questions to ask prior to OE to identify action items or changes needed:

  • Do you have Carrier Changes for the upcoming benefits package?
    • If so, you will need new carrier contact info (Carrier Name, Contact Name, Phone, Email)
  • Are you adding benefits? Are you adding plans?
  • Are there any significant plan changes?
  • Which plans will have premium changes?
  • Will you have compensation updates on or before the start on the new package?
    • If so, a compensation import/update will need to be completed prior to Creating Benefit Records (step 8)


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