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Duplicating a Benefit Package for the New Benefit Year

The first step in configuring your system for a new Benefit Year is to create a new Benefit Package for the new benefit year. The quickest way to do this is to duplicate the structure of the Benefit Package for your current benefit year.

  • Expand Settings and click Benefit Management from the menu.


  • Select the Benefit Package that represents your current benefit year (e.g., 20xx Benefits Package) with the checkboxes on the far-right.


  • Click Duplicate Selected Records in the Actions drop-down menu. Confirm the duplication in


  • Click the name of the newly duplicated Benefit Package. It should be suffixed with "- Copy".


  • Update the following fields on the "Configure Package Properties" tab:


    • Name
    • Start Date and End Date — Should reflect start and end date of new Benefit Year
    • DOB Effective Date
  • Update any other relevant fields.
  • Click Save when finished. 
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