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Self Service Toolkit - Compare/Verify Changes from Previous Year

Once benefit records have been created for the New Year, it is important to compare records between the previous year and the New Year to ensure that the records were created correctly. If a rollover mapping was utilized when creating records for the New Year, this process will also ensure that elections were rolled into the new year as desired.

To compare records from the previous year, complete the following steps:

  • Navigate to Reports > Benefit Management > Before and After
  • In the Before Date field, enter the last day of Previous Benefit Package Year
  • In the After Date field, enter the first day of the New Benefit Package Year
  • Check the boxes for the following options:
    • Include changes to Plan Name
    • Include changes to Coverage Level Name
    • Include changes to Covered Dependents
    • Include records that existed on Base Date but not on Comparison Date
    • Include records that existed on Comparison Date but not on Base Date
  • Click the Refresh Comparison button
  • Click the Export Results to MS Excel link

After the results are exported to Excel, review the records closely to ensure that the results are what should be expected. If you find any records that you believe are not correct, it is likely due to an incorrect configuration in the Rollover Mapping. If after reviewing the Rollover Mapping, it is still unclear as to what the issue may be, please contact your Account Manager for further assistance.

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