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Testing your Open Enrollment Event

Once you have completed setting up your Open Enrollment, it is highly recommended that you set aside enough time to perform sufficient testing prior to opening up the Open Enrollment Event for all eligible Employees. It is generally recommended that you add one or more Test Employees to the system in order to conduct testing.

It is recommended that you test each possible scenario that an employee might encounter during the Open Enrollment Event by changing the Demographic Data of the Test Employee to test various eligibility scenarios. The Benefit Eligibility Summary report is a great tool for understanding the various scenarios that you might wish to test.

Note: Please delete any test employees from the system before any electronic Eligibility Files are delivered to any Third Parties in order to prevent Test Employees from being passed to the Third Parties.

Adding a Test Employee

Add ‘Test’ Employee

  • Expand Employee, expand Utilities, and click Add New Employee.


  • Set the ‘Test’ Employee as various settings such as Active, Married, with Dependents, etc. so you can test all the rules and different coverage level rates combinations.
  • Create a Compensation Record for the test Employee.
  • For more information about setting up a new employee, you can refer to the following article.

Give Test Employee Benefits

  • Expand Employee, expand Benefits, and click Benefits.


  • Click Check Eligibility.


  • For Step 1, set the Benefit Eligibility Date to match the Start Date of the Benefit Package that you will be testing against and click View Eligible Benefits.


  • For Step 2, select all the benefits with the provided checkbox. Click Process Eligibility at the bottom of the table.


Create an Open Enrollment Window

  • Expand Employee, expand Employee Homepage, and click Enrollment Windows.


  • Click Create Window from the Actions drop-down menu.


  • Create the open enrollment window. Click Add Record when finished.


View Employee Homepage and Testing Event

  • Expand Employee, expand Employee Homepage, and click View Homepage.


  • Select the Open Enrollment event under Change Events from the drop-down menu and click Begin Event.


  • Go through the entire Event and make sure the rates and verbiage look correct.
  • Check for any updates wanted or things to be deleted if no longer applicable, etc.

Testing Checklist

We recommend going through the Testing Checklist below to ensure you test thoroughly.

Testing Checklist Done?
I was able to begin the Open Enrollment Event successfully
I was able to navigate by clicking Save & Continue to the 'Personal' info tab with no problems
I was able to Edit & Save personal information with no problem
I verified that all the required fields under personal information should be required
I was able to add dependents successfully
I was able to delete dependents successfully
I was able to Edit & Save current dependent information with no problem
I verified that all the required fields under Dependent Information should be required
I was able to elect the appropriate plans based on the eligibility rules
When selecting dependent benefit plans, (ex. EE + Spouse, etc.) the eligible dependents were correctly selected below
I verified that the dependent age out rules were set appropriately for all benefits
I verified that all plans were set correctly as Pre-Tax or Post-Tax plans accordingly
I verified that all plan premiums are showing correct per pay amounts
I verified that benefit dependencies and eligibility restrictions are working appropriately (Ex: Vol Life/Vol Spouse Life or H S A/ Medical H S A Plan, etc.)
I checked and confirmed that all eligibility rules are set up correctly in the benefit structure for the package, benefits, and plans
I checked and confirmed that all EOI rules within the plans are set up correctly
I checked and confirmed that all Age Reductions were set correctly in the system
I checked that the minimum and maximum amounts for any contribution benefits were set correctly
I reviewed and approve all text and documents linked to the benefit enrollment screens
I was able to successfully Save & Continue through all the benefit enrollment screens
I was able to add beneficiaries and successfully apply the desired percentages
I verified that all benefits that should require beneficiaries are accurately reflected on the Beneficiaries tab
I was able to successfully add emergency contacts
I verified that all the information on the Review screen accurately reflected my elections, coverage, pre-tax and post-tax amounts & covered dependents/beneficiaries
I was able to successfully Save & Confirm my event
I was able to successfully Print my confirmation statement
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