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Reports for Payroll

The Reports screen will provide the ability to pull reports from the configured Payroll Provider for the selected Company. The Company drop-down field will include Accounts mapped via the Account Mapping Tab of the Settings screen.

The Reports screen provides the ability to display commonly run reports. To add a report to this screen select the Add Report button and then browse the list of available reports. Once a report is added to the screen, the report can be run by either selecting the Run button next to the desired report, or by clicking the Edit button to change the default parameters for the report.

Note: If the report does not open after selecting the Run report button, please check the Audit Log and select the Web Service Integration Category to see if there are any errors that are preventing the report from opening.

For optimal results, we recommend within Internet Explorer the use of browser IE 11 or better. The use of prior versions may cause distortions within the report functionality.


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