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Utilities for Payroll - Load Employee Data from Payroll

The Load Company Setup Data Tab provides the ability to load Company-level information from the selected Payroll Provider into the HRIS Application.

This Utility includes the following data objects:

Object Location In HRIS Millennium Mapping
Employee Demographics Employee > Employee > Demographic Info Demographics
Compensation Rates Employee > Payroll > Compensation > Compensation Rates Tab Compensation Rates
Compensation Transactions Employee >Payroll > Compensation > Compensation Transactions Tab Compensation Transactions
Direct Deposits Employee >Payroll > Direct Deposit Direct Deposits
Taxes Employee >Payroll > Taxes Taxes
Deductions Employee > Payroll > Deductions Deductions
Accruals Employee > Time & Labor Mgmt > Time Off Accruals


EZSync allows for the below filters when loading data from Payroll into the HRIS. For the filters to be utilized properly, mapping relationships between HRIS and Payroll must first be set on the Account Mapping tab.

  • Load all employees
  • Load only employees of a particular payroll company
  • Load only data for a single employee
  • Filter the load of employee data to employees of a certain Payroll Employee status (es)
  • Search by employee name or ID

Employees with missing Payroll Employee ID's

Employees with missing Payroll Employee ID's will display on the bottom of this screen. It is recommended to immediately resolve all issues with missing Payroll Employee ID's. Employees that are missing a Payroll Employee ID will not sync data to Payroll. For troubleshooting these issues, the Audit Data tab may provide additional information or insight.


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