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Positions Tab & How To Add a Position

The Positions Tab provides the ability to manage Positions within the HR Application. By creating Positions on this screen, employee's can then be assigned to the Positions via the Employee Positions screen which is located under the Employee > Performance Management > Positions menu.

To Add a Position

  • Use the Actions drop-down menu and click Add Position
  • Position Properties - Fill in the position properties tab
    • Position title - the only required field
    • Location
    • Pay Type, Position Type, and Pay Status
    • Grade and Job Code are typically used for internal job tracking or for requisitions but are not a required field.
  • Position Description
    • Not required but useful for pulling into Applicant Tracking and for view on the position tab
  • Skills Profile
    • Skills are configured under Settings > Performance Management > Skills
    • Under this tab they can be assigned to a position
    • Skills can also have a proficiency rating added to them
  • Training Profile
    • Training items are configured under Settings > Performance Management > Training and Achievement
    • Assigning training items here will assign them to all employees with this position
  • Position Goals
    • Are managed by administrators or managers only and can be viewed by the employee. Unlike Personal Goals these goals are only added and reviewed, not updated with progress.
  • Manager Permissions
    • You can add permissions to manager by position to allow them access to making changes.
    • Based on the permissions granted a manager can make changes to aspects of the position such as updating the skills required or training items.
  • Click Add Position
  • A "Position Successfully Added" message will appear From here you can then navigate to the tab you want to update for that position.


Adding positions to an employee is done under Employee > Performance Management > Positions.

Adding a position to the employee record here will help track a history of an employee with your company.

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