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The system offers Skills Tracking for employees and managers. Skills Tracking can benefit a manager by giving them an effective method to quickly search all employees for a specific skill set. Skills Tracking also gives employees an easy way to keep their skills up-to-date. The first item that should be configured in the Skills Tracking menu is the Categories. The categories can be created in the Settings menu under the Skills Tracking screen.

Skills also tie into the Applicant tracking module. Once skills have been configured in Performance Management they can be viewed, selected, and rated by applicants as they apply to jobs.

The Skills page offers the following tabs:



Q: Can skills be tied to performance reviews?
A: Yes, there is a tab that can be configured and weighted in the review form for skills.

Q: I only want managers or administrators to update the skills for employees, is this possible?
A: Yes, you can make this a read-only for employees or even remove it completely from the employee performance management portal.

Q: What use is tracking skills?
A: That depends on your organization. Skills can be used to track specific skills that need to be mastered for a position. They can also be used in Applicant tracking to help match applicants to a position and since they can be used in the review process can be an easy way to assign mini goals to employees.

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