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Settings for Time Off Tracking - Holidays

The Holidays tab is used to configure holidays to be automatically granted by the system. Holidays are granted as taken transactions during the routine nightly process. This function is bundled with account accruals, at least one accrual rule is needed for holidays to process. Holidays are not granted until the specified date of the holiday so holidays must be built in advance and will not display on the "Time Off Details" page or "Time Card" views until the day of the holiday would take place.

Holidays must be built for each year, the system will not automatically populate holidays for the following years. Most companies will build these out annually after finalizing their holiday calendar.

Navigating to Time Off Tracking Holiday Settings
  • Expand Settings, expand Time and Labor Mgmt and click Time Off Tracking from the menu.


  • Click Settings at the top menu bar.


  • Click the Holidays tab.



Holiday Options

  • Holiday Date - The date the system will create the taken holiday transaction.
  • Time Off Type - The type of time off that will be used for the holiday record, in most cases, it will be "holiday" though any type can be used. "Time Off Types" can be configured from the "Time Off Types" tab. For more information, you can refer to the following article.
  • Units - The number of units (usually hours) that will be specified for the created holiday record.
    • For groups using the "Time and Attendance" module, units should always represent hours. Groups using only time off tracking may use varied units.
  • Eligibility Rule - The eligibility rule applied to the holiday will determine who will receive the holiday transactions. Employees passing the rule will receive a holiday. For more information, you can refer to the following article.
    • Eligibility Rules can be used to grant varying length holidays to different employee groups by building multiple holiday records for the same date with different eligibility and units specified
  • Description - This field is used to specify the name or description of the holiday.

Viewing and Filtering Holidays

The table/list of holidays is filtered by calendar year and will always show the furthest most built year of holidays by default.

Use the filter icon CHR_-_Filter_Icon.png next to the Actions drop-down menu to show the "Year" drop-down menu.


Adding a Holiday

  • Enter the information for the holiday. For more information on the available fields, refer to the Holiday Options section.


  • Click Save.
  • After saving the holiday, it will be listed in the table/list below.


Editing Existing Holidays

  • Click the date link for the Holiday you need to edit.


  • The information for the holiday will appear in the holiday options. Make any necessary edits to your holiday. For more information on the available fields, refer to the Holiday Options section.


  • Click Save Holiday when finished. 

Deleting an Existing Holiday

  • Use the check box towards the right-hand side of the holiday(s) populating your holidays list.


  • Use the Actions drop-down menu and click Delete Selected Records.


  • Confirm the deletion of the holiday(s).


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