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Utilities for Time Off Tracking - Process Accruals/Holidays

The screen below can be used to generate historical Accrual transaction records for employees including holidays that are configured in the system. This is generally only used the first time you are setting up the Time Off Tracking feature within the system.

Once an Accrual Rule is configured within the system, Accrual Transaction records will automatically be created for employees based upon the Accrual Type configured for the Rule. Accrual Transactions for the selected Accrual Rules will be generated from the Process Start Date through the current date.


Processing Holidays

The utility to process accruals will also create Holiday records. Sometimes it may be necessary to create only Holiday records.

To create records for past Holidays, the Process Accruals utility can be executed.
Here are the important details:

  • Enter the date of the Holiday as the Process Start Date
  • A minimum of one Accrual Rule must be selected.
    • Holiday records will be created for all employees that pass the eligibility rule assigned to the Holiday, even if the employee does not pass the rule selected.
    • A 'dummy' accrual rule can be created if desired to process Holidays. (A dummy accrual rule is one that no employees are eligible for)
  • The Utility will create records for any configured Holiday from the Process Start Date to the current date.


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