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Expense Tracking - Settings - Expense Accounts

Expense accounts allow you to track work-related expenses of employees. 


The Actions drop-down menu allows you to:


  • Create Company Expense Account
  • Delete Selected Record(s)

Creating Company Expense Account

  • From the Actions drop-down menu, click Create Company Expense Account.
  • Enter the following information:


    • Active Expense Account -  Checkbox to make this an active expense account.
    • Account Code
    • Pay Code - Drop-down menu for what pay code should be associated.
    • Rate Code - Drop-down menu for what rate code should be associated.
    • Account Description - Required description of the expense account.
    • Enable Mileage Reimbursement options for this Expense Account - 
    • Pay Rate per Unit
  • When finished, press Add Record.
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