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Employee Management - Communications

The 'Communication' tab allows an administrator to communicate a message to employees who have a work email saved on their demographic info page. The administrator may choose to send the communication with username information and add a subject line to the communication.

Navigating to Communications
  • Expand 'Setup' and click Setup Properties from the menu.


  • Hover over 'Employee Portal Setup' and click Employee Management.


  • Click the Communications tab.


If employee groups have been created through eligibility rules, only the employees who are within that group will receive the communication. For more information about employee groups, you can refer to the following article.

Checking the 'Send an account verification email to users who have not signed in yet or a password reset email to users who have already signed in' check box will send an email in addition to the custom email message created when the 'Send Message' button is clicked.

When the 'Do not deliver automated email as part of this process' is checked under the General Settings of Setup Properties, it can help to create a custom communication and check the last check box so that the account verification email will be sent with the custom communication. 


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