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Administrators Overview for Core

Once an Employee Record exists in the system, that Employee can be given Administrator access, allowing permissions to manage the software, make changes, update Employee records, etc. This is typically necessary for Admins or Human Resources staff who are managing their Employee data within the system

*Note - only the Employee Record needs to exist. The employee's username/Employee Account may not yet be generated.

Setting Up an Administrator

  1. Navigate to the Employee > Utilities > General > Select “Set Employee as Administrator”



  2. Navigate back to the Setup > Administrators. Be sure your Admin Status filter is set to ALL so you are seeing both active and inactive Administrators. When you click the button to set the employee as an Administrator, they are initially set up with an Inactive Admin Status.


  3. Click on the Administrator’s name that needs to be configured and walk through the Settings tabs. 


  4. The available Settings tabs for an employee are listed below with additional information:


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