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Employee Management - Username Format

The Username Format settings allow you to quickly generate a consistent username for all of your employees.

Navigating to Username Format Settings
  • Expand Setup, and click Setup Properties from the menu.


  • Hover over Employee Portal Setup and click Employee Management.



The username can be:

  • [Work Email Address]
  • [First Name][Last Name]
  • [First letter of First Name][Lastname]

Username Tips

  • If the username already exists within the Arcoro system, then a number will be
    appended to the end of the username so it is unique within the Arcoro system.
  • If you are using multiple Arcoro modules, it is best to use an email address so the user can use their email address to sign in to multiple Arcoro modules for ease of use.

Reviewing an Employee's Username

The username will be shown on the following Employee page(s):

  • Employee Demographics under the Account tab. For more information about this tab, you can refer to the following article.


  • Employee Utilities under the Account Management page. For more information about this tab, you can refer to the following article


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