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Workflow Management Settings/EchoSign

The EchoSign Activation tab offers the ability to enable Electronic Document Signing from within a workflow.  When enabled, this feature allows a document to be loaded within a Workflow Step that can then be electronically signed by one or more Resources.  The resulting, signed document can then be automatically attached to the documents screen of the employee to which the workflow is associated.

When uploading documents, you can require the workflow to display the document using our EchoSign feature. This provides the workflow the ability to allow the resource of the document to sign the document. For further information on this feature, please review the EchoSign Activation and EchoSign manual.

Upon activation, the system will provide the following options: 

  • Require Electronic Signature: When this field is checked, the document will require an electronic signature using Adobe EchoSign in this workflow step
  • Allow employee to view document from Employee Portal: When this field is checked, the Electronically Signed Documents will be visible on the Employee Portal. Only applies if the "Require Electronic Signature" is checked
  • Notes: The Maximum File Size for an Attachment that is to be emailed via the workflow is 10 MB Attachments greater than 1 MB in size will be emailed to the recipient, but will not be stored in the Email Log that is generated against the email recipient.


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