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Create Workflow for Enterprise: Step 2 - Configure Steps


  • Step #: The step number for a step. Automatically generated when a new step is added. Can be adjusted from this page, but the step number must be unique.
  • Dependent Step #: The step number required to be completed before this step can be started.
  • Resource: The individual responsible for completing this step.
  • Target Duration: How many days allowed for this step to be completed.
  • Active
  • Email Enabled: If an email will be sent to the resource. 

From the Action Drop-Down menu, click Add to begin.


Step 1 - Configure Step


Text Entry/Drop-Down Menu Options

  • Step #: A unique number that is automatically generated when a step is added. Can only be adjusted from the main Configure Steps page.
  • Dependent Step #: The step that must be completed before the current step can be started.
  • Step Name
  • Target Duration (Days): The number of days allowed for a step to be completed.
  • Resource: The individual responsible for a step.
  • Eligibility Rule: Determines who is eligible for the step will be included in a workflow.

Checkbox Options

  • Email Resource when the step is initiated.
  • Include the Attached Documents (as attachments) in the Email: Include the attached documents from Step 2 within the email sent to the resource. 
  • Automatically mark this step as complete immediately after start: Used if an email needs to be sent to a resource only.
  • Allow Documents to be uploaded within this step.

Step 2 - Attach Documents


Available Options

  • Uploaded New Document or Select Document from Previous Step
  • Require Electronic Signature
  • Allow Employees to view document from Employee Portal
  • Name of Document
  • Display Order of Documents
  • File to Upload
  • Document Drop-Down Menu

Step 3 - Prefilled Forms/EZSign


Attach Prefilled Forms to be available for download by the assigned resourced when completing this step.

Step 4 - Select Surveys


Attach a Survey to be downloaded by the assigned resource when completing the step.

Step 5 - Info Modules


If needed, select an included module from the list to require the completion of employee information with the step. 

Step 6 - Email Template


If needed, enter an email template to be appended to workflow notification emails.

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