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Processing Applicants: Applicant Information and Processing

Clicking on the applicant’s name will display their actual job application. This screen displays the tabs the applicant input during the application process. Right under the applicant's name is the start rating system, as well as telephone contact information.



Status: This drop-down menu consists of system preconfigured status. Pending (has not been seen by a recruiter) In Process (application has been viewed and is being processed through the Process Steps) Hired and Closed (declined).

Process Step: This drop-down menu populates your process steps from the Additional Settings. Each of these steps will need to be manually selected by the recruiter as the applicant moves along your applicant handling process.

Source: Displays the Referral Source in which the applicant came from (Career Builder or

Notes: Notes can be added by the personnel processing the applicant. The notes will be available to anyone that has access to the applicant.

Surveys: Surveys can be configured to be used internally within each individual applicant. An example of this survey can be a set of pre-screening questions that will be asked by the recruiter.

Application History: This option shows the number of applications the applicant has applied for in your ATS portal.

Account Management: This option allows you to view the applicant’s user name. As well as creating a new password in case you are contacted by the applicant’s to reset their password.

Email Log: This displays the email log the system has generated.

References: If your system is using the reference email and survey option, the answers of each reference will be displayed in a PDF version of your survey.

Activity History: Displays the activity that the applicant has been processed through.

Prefilled Forms: If you have generated a Prefilled form within our system you will be able to use them internally for each applicant. They will be generated using this option.

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