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Plan Utilities: Add Previous Year Termination to Benefit Change Log


This utility should be used to populate the Benefit Change Log with employees that do not have coverage (i.e. is enrolled in a Waive Coverage Level) on the entered Effective Date, but do have coverage one day prior to the entered Effective Date. .

  • Note: This utility is most commonly used when preparing an explicit termination file for the Open Enrollment period. 

Navigation Pathway: Menu > Settings > Benefit Management

Steps to Complete: 

  1. Select New Benefit Package 
  2. Set Default Mapping 
    1. Make sure this drop down is set to this year's rollover mapping 
    2. 360042320174-Rollover_mappin_g.PNG
      1. Make sure the rollover mapping includes the benefits that should be processed in this utility
        1. Menu > Settings > Benefit Management > Rollover Mappings 
        2. Note: Use the "Print" hyperlink to view the Rollover mapping
    3. Save Package Details - Only applicable if a rollover mapping was applied during this step 
  3. Navigate to Plan Utilities 
    1. Menu > Settings > Benefit Management > Plan Utilities 
  4. Select "Add previous year's terms to Benefit Change Log" 
  5. Enter the new package start date as the effective date
  6. Save and Continue 
  7. Select new package and any benefits that need to be processed in this utility
    1. If processing the utility for an explicit termination file, select the benefits that will be sent on the file. 
  8. Save and Continue
  9. Step 3 - Run Utility tab will display the utility processing 
    1. Pending - waiting to be picked up by the server (the server will run every 30 minutes) 
    2. Processing - actively working (already been picked up by the server) 
    3. Completed - Task completed by the system  


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