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Adding a New Clock

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This article is an excerpt from a more complete article: Setting up your ZK Time Clock

  1. While logged in to Core HR, go to the menu, expand Settings, and click Time & Attendance.


  2. Click Settings from the top menu bar.


  3. Click the Time Clock Config tab.


  4. Click the ZK US10C Time Clock tab.


  5. From the Actions drop-down menu, click Add Time Clock Device.


  6. Enter the following information:


    1. Device serial # found on the back of the Time Clock.
    2. Change the Web Server URL Mode to URL Address from the drop-down menu.
    3. In the Web Server URL Address, enter
      • If you are a CBIZ Client, please refer to the steps and credentials provided by CBIZ to set up your Time Clock with CBIZ.
    4. Specify the Time Clock Auth Type from the drop-down menu.
      • Card Swipe
      • Fingerprint Reader
      • PIN Entry
  7. Click Save when finished.

Additional Information

  • Once the clock has been added to your Core HR account, Core HR will send commands for your Time Clock to receive and complete its configuration.
  • To view what information is being sent and received by your Time Clock, you can click View Logs from the menu.
  • You can click the Refresh button on the View Logs page to see when your Time Clock receives any commands from your account.
  • Your Time Clock will connect to your Core HR account every minute to receive any commands sent by your Core HR account.

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