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How to Read the Benefit Change Log

This log can be filtered by the Package Year.

The Summary screen displays all benefits that contain pending or closed records of employees that experienced a change in the respective benefit. 

This screen identifies the:

  • Benefit
  • Carrier associated with the benefit
  • Export Date
  • Link to the detailed employee information


The Export Date is associated with the date this data is included in an export.  If the Export Date is “Pending” this denotes that the data has NOT exported yet. 

To view the detailed data for the respective benefit, Click of View Employees link.

The detailed view of the benefit change log captures:

  • the name of the affected employee as well as any affected dependent attached to the employee’s enrolled benefit
  • Employee ID
  • Coverage Level
  • Effective date of coverage
  • Expiration date of coverage
  • Reason for the change



Most commonly used Reasons:

  • Coverage Initiated – When coverage begins for an employee and covered their dependents
  • Coverage Level Change – When an employee experiences a change and the coverage level changes, for example, Employee Only to Employee + Spouse
  • Coverage Amount Changed – When an employee experiences a change in a coverage amount, for example, a voluntary life insurance benefit changes from 10,000 to 20,000
  • Coverage Terminated – when coverage ends for an employee and their covered dependents
  • Address Change – this denotes a change in demographic information but not limited to address changes only.

**  Forced into Change Log – this reason code is applied when an admin forces a record into the log from the benefit screen.  Since this reason is generic the record generally is not useful in files where export reasons are used.  The admin is required to update the reason code from Forced into Change Log to a valid export reason, for example, from Forced into Change Log to Coverage Level Changed. 


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