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[Depreciated] How to Track Paid Time Off in ExakTime

  Depreciated Article

This article is depreciated as ExakTime offers an official Time Off tracking functionality. For more information about the availability of this feature, contact your Account Manager.

If you would like to learn more about this feature, you can refer to the following article.

While we primarily track time worked for an employee, you can also track paid time off such as holidays, vacations, and sick leave with cost codes.

 Using PTO Cost Codes

Ideally, these PTO cost codes would only be used when adding time manually to an employee's time card. This helps prevent the field employee's from clocking in/using a PTO cost code without prior approval.

Creating The Cost Code

An appropriate cost code would first need to be made within ExakTime Connect. The cost code should be given a description that best matches what you are tracking such as vacation, holiday, paid sick leave, etc.

  • Click on Manage and go to Cost Codes.


  • Click Add Cost Code


  • Enter a description for your cost code.


  • Save your new cost code. Repeat as needed.

Excluding The Cost Code

The cost codes will need to be excluded so their time is still tracked, but it will not be affected by any policy or be counted towards a policy such as weekly overtime, auto-lunch, or rounding policies.

  • Click on Manage and go to Policies.


  • Select the policy group that will need to have the previously made cost codes excluded.


  • Enable Exclude Cost Codes and select the cost codes that will need to be excluded.


  • Save your changes and repeat this for any other policy group to exclude the cost code.

Giving Employee Paid Time Off

Once the cost code has been made and excluded from your policies, you can use that cost code when adding time for an employee.

It is advised to not enter time for any future paid time off, as it can impact other features of the ExakTime system. Currently, it is best to add the time off either the day of occurrence or anytime after.

  • Go to Time Card and go to Time Card Detail.


  • Select the pay period that you want to add time for.


  • Click Add Time and select the date for the time record.


  • Enter the information for the new time record. You can also add a comment for the time record for future reference.


  • Click Save at the bottom.
  • Once the policy calculations have been completed, the hourly totals will update to reflect the new time record. If the cost code used has been correctly excluded, you will see the time go towards the regular total only and should not count towards your overtime calculation.
    • After the time has been added to employee time cards, it would be best to deactivate the cost code used so your field employees cannot select it themselves from within ExakTime Mobile.
    • The hours for paid time off cost codes will not receive their own columns like regular, overtime, or double time and will always count towards regular time. This time can be handled in other ways when reporting or exporting the data.


 Using Bulk Time

If you are giving the same amount of time to multiple employees such as Holiday time, you can use Bulk Time Entry instead. You can refer to How To Use Bulk Time Entry

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