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What Is the Stop Location and How It Is Used

A stop location is used by ExakTime Connect to confirm if the employee was at their reported location when clocking out.

Normally the system will automatically fill in the stop location based on the employee's previous clock in as it is assumed that when an employee is clocking out to end their day, they are clocking out for the day at the location.

So if an employee clocks in at Location A, when they clock out, their assumed location is Location A. This is used with the employees GPS for you to confirm if the employee's mobile device was in the vicinity of the location when clocking out for the day.

Adding The "Stop Location" Column To Time Card


By default, the stop location is hidden and not viewable on an employees time card, but it can be added with the column manager. After the column has been added, you can adjust the stop location if it is incorrect.

  • Go to Time Cards and click on Time Card Detail.


  • Click on the Column Manager icon.


  • Click and drag the Stop Location option to the desired place on the time cards. Click Done when finished.


  • The Stop Location column will appear in the time card.


Enabling "Stop Location" When Clocking Out

If an employee travels to a variety of locations such as truck driver or delivery driver and his stop location is specific such as a warehouse or supply house, then you can let your employees select their location when clocking out.

This can be done with Mobile Settings so all employees will be asked for their location when clocking out or with ExakTime Mobile settings if only a specific device should let employees select their stop location. These options cannot be used at the same time.

For Everyone

Mobile Settings are used to standardize your mobile settings across all copies of ExakTime Mobile.

  • Go to Manage and click on Mobile Settings.


  • Enable Mobile Settings if it is turned off.


  • Enable "Prompt user to select a location when clocking out."


  • Click Save.
  • When employees first set up or sync their device after mobile settings has been set up, they will be asked for their location when clocking out.

For Specific Devices

If you only want specific devices to have this option, Mobile Settings cannot be used as Mobile Settings will override any settings changed on ExakTime Mobile.

  • With the device in hand, sign in with your Administrator level PIN.


  • Press the three lines in the top left.


  • Go to Settings.
    • If using iOS, press General after going to Settings.


  • Enable the option to asking for a location when clocking out.


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