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Receiving Invalid PIN When Trying to Log In to ExakTime Mobile

When trying to log in to ExakTime Mobile, your employees may receive an invalid PIN message if ExakTime Mobile does not recognize the PIN being entered. As there an be various causes for this, we have listed some common troubleshooting methods below.

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  • Double-check that the PIN is correct in ExakTime Connect. The employee may have misheard the PIN to use or the incorrect PIN was entered for the employee. You can use any of the following methods listed below to confirm the PIN and/or send it to the employee:
  • If the device is not connected to the internet and the PIN was recently set up, ExakTime Mobile will not be able to validate the PIN until it is connected to the internet.
    • If ExakTime Mobile has synced and cached necessary data (such as employee PINs), ExakTime Mobile can allow employees to login without having access to the internet.
    • If the employee's PIN was recently set up, there may be a slight delay before the PIN is usable in ExakTime Mobile. This delay should not exceed 15 minutes. 
  • Have the employee use another copy of ExakTime Mobile. As employees are not bound to a single copy of ExakTime Mobile, they can use their PIN on any copy of ExakTime Mobile connected to your company. If the employee can log in on another device with ExakTime Mobile, they can temporarily use the other device while the device they are having trouble with can be addressed when time permits. 
    • You can also try to log in with the affected employee's PIN on your own copy of ExakTime Mobile. As an employee's PIN can be used on any copy of ExakTime Mobile, it can help you confirm if the issue is device or employee related. 
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