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Guide to Location Details for ExakTime

Location details allow you to enter the information for a location, specify where the location is based on the address and GPS, and what cost codes can be used with a location.

As there are multiple tabs for location details, we have broken them down for easier reading.




  • Location Name: A mandatory field for the location that will be shown in ExakTime Connect and ExakTime Mobile.
  • ID: An optional field to denote the location ID.
  • Address: An optional field for the address for a location. If an address is entered, ExakTime Connect will try to generate a GPS coordinate for the location.


  • Contact Information: An optional field for information relating to the main contact for a location (e.g. Owner, manager, etc.).
  • Category: An optional drop-down field for use with reports and when viewing the location list.
  • Time Zone: The time zone that a location is located in. Used for Scheduling.
  • Start/End Time: The start and end time for a location. Used for Scheduling.


Location based policies are used to specify a daily overtime, in/out rounding, or shift rounding for any employees working at this location.

  Additional Information

For more information regarding location policies, you can refer to Location Policies.



Upload pictures related to a location. These pictures are only seen within ExakTime Connect. Pictures should be .gif, jpg, or .png, and smaller than 2 MB.



The GPS is initially based on the address from the "General" tab. The GPS can be further adjusted as needed.

  Additional Information

For more information regarding the location GPS/GEOFence, you can refer to Setting up and Using the GEOFence.



JobClocks are physical devices used to clock in/out on with keytabs.

Field Notes


Field notes created for the location.



Viewsets allow you to specify what cost codes can be used with a location.

  Additional Information

For more information regarding location viewsets, you can refer to Location Viewsets.

Custom Fields


Custom Fields allow you to associate extra information with a location. These will primarily be used in your Location list and within the time card details.

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