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Guides to Setting Up and Using ExakTime Forms

ExakTime Forms allows you to have users/employees answer questions when clocking in or out for the day and collect that date for further review in ExakTime Connect. If your employee's profile has been set to Spanish or French, they will also be able to view the mobile forms in the appropriate language.

The default mobile forms currently offered are the following:

  • A set of COVID-19 screening questions when clocking in (Added in 2020)
  • "Were you injured on the job today?"
  • "Did you take all of your meals and breaks?"
  • Providing a Signature.

How the ExakTime Forms Appear

Injured? Meals and Breaks? Signature COVID

Process for Enabling and Using ExakTime Forms

  1. Enabling ExakTime Forms - Enable the Mobile Forms that should be shown to Employees
  2. Reviewing Mobile Form Responses - Options for reviewing Mobile Form responses on ExakTime Connect.
  3. Editing ExakTime Mobile Form Responses - How to grant permission to edit Mobile Form responses and how to edit Form Responses.
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