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Introduction to Using and Setting Up ExakTime Forms

"ExakTime Forms" is a powerful tool that allows you to gather additional information for internal records, compliance, safety, etc. from your employees using ExakTime Mobile. Everything begins with the "Forms Manager", the primary page where you can:

  • Create Forms tailored to the needs of your company.
  • Assign your Forms to employees based on the individuals, employee category, or employee group.
  • Manage your forms by editing or archiving them as needed.
  • Review your employees' responses.

Table of Contents

Expand for Navigation Steps to Forms Manager
  • Go to Tools and click  Forms Manager.

    ETC - Menu - Tools - 2024 - Form Manager - 00.png

Important Items to Note

Form Manager Navigation

The side panel allows you to navigate to other menus of the Form Manager.

ETC - Form Managers - Nav List - 00.png

  • Forms - View a list of your current forms. This will be the initial menu loaded.
  • Add Form - Create a form with an unlimited number of steps.
  • Form Wizard - Go through a step-by-step wizard to create a form. This wizard has a 5-step limit when creating a form.
  • Employee Assignments - Review what forms have been assigned to employees.
  • Response Viewer - View the responses from your employees. 
  • Form Response Selector - Select which form responses can be viewed from the time card details page.

Resources for Using ExakTime Forms

  1. Granting Permissions for ExakTime Forms - Grant permissions for various aspects of Forms such as creating new forms, reviewing responses, and more.
  2. Managing a Form - View and manage your Forms. 
  3. Creating and Editing a Mobile Form for ExakTime - Create a new Form or edit an existing Form.
  4. Assigning a Mobile Form for ExakTime - Assign your Form to your employees.
  5. Settings for Forms in ExakTime - Enable a Form for use in ExakTime Connect and/or ExakTime Mobile.
  6. Reviewing and Editing ExakTime Forms Responses in ExakTime Connect
  7. How to Deactivate or Archive an ExakTime Form - How to change settings for a Form to not be usable in ExakTime Mobile and/or ExakTime Connect and how to archive a Form that should not be used. 
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