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Not Receiving FaceFront Photo/Picture with Punches

FaceFront is used to verify the employee that is clocking in/out by using the front-facing (selfie) camera to take their photo at their moment of clocking in/out. If you are not receiving these FaceFront photos, you can refer to the possible reasons below.

ExakTime Mobile Security Role Does Not Have FaceFront Enabled

By default, FaceFront is disabled for ExakTime Mobile Security Roles. To enable the option, please refer to the following article: How to Use FaceFront to Identify Who is Clocking In

ExakTime Mobile Has Not Synced New Permissions

If you have recently enabled FaceFront and have not received any FaceFront photos along with your employee's clock in/outs, it is possible that the employee's copy of ExakTime Mobile has not yet synced the new permissions. Confirm that the employee has synced their copy of ExakTime Mobile to ensure it has the latest permissions.

To help mitigate issues of data/permissions not being updated in ExakTime Mobile, you can use the "Mobile Settings" on ExakTime Connect to set all copy of ExakTime Mobile under your account to automatically sync data if the device has exceed the threshold and ExakTime Mobile is open.

No Front Facing Camera

While rare, some mobile devices may lack a front-facing (selfie) camera. If there is no camera, we are unable to take their photo when they clock in/out and the FaceFront prompt will be skipped.

Employee Is Using "Clock For" Function

There are two methods to clock in/out on ExakTime Mobile, with the "Clock In" function and the "Clock For" function.

Clock In function is used to clock in the employee logged in and can prompt for a FaceFront photo.

Clock For is used to clock in for other employees and will not prompt for FaceFront. As the employee can choose themselves through this method, they can still clock in for themselves to track their time, but there will be no FaceFront photo.

No Permission To Use Camera(s)

Mobile device manufacturers have been giving users more control over their devices as to what features an application can use such as the microphone and the camera. If an employee does not allow ExakTime Mobile access to the camera, the FaceFront prompt will be skipped.

To re-enable permissions to use the camera, the user will need to go into the settings of the phone. The steps may differ depending on the version of the operating system.


  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to Privacy & Security.
  3. Press Camera.
  4. Enable the permission to ExakTime Mobile. 


The steps below are for the latest Samsung phones, but the idea is consistent for other models/manufacturers of Android phones. 

  1. Open your App Drawer
  2. Press Settings
  3. Press Apps (May also be called Applications, App Manager, etc.)
  4. Press ExakTime
  5. Press Permissions
  6. Enable the camera permission.
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