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How to Edit Information in ExakTime Connect


Throughout ExakTime Connect, you can press the blue pencil icon to begin editing its information.

This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Employee, Location, Cost Code Information


  • Time Records


  • Expenses


  • Field Notes


When editing information, you must be absolutely sure that the correction is needed as edits cannot be undone.

When editing information such as the name of an employee, location, and cost code, changing the name will also affect past uses of the item.

  • For example, Eric had time records from his use of ExakTime Mobile, then his name was changed to Sean in the ExakTime system. All instances of his name would change from Eric to Sean. This should only be done if his name was incorrect, to begin with. If this is a new employee, location, or cost code, then a new entry should be done.
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