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Guide to Time Card Approvals for ExakTime

Time Card Approvals can be used to ensure that the time that an employee has worked is correct from the perspective of the employee, their supervisor and/or office administrator for a given pay period.

There are currently three levels of approval.

  • Employee Approval - The employee can approve/unapprove the time they will receive for a pay period.
  • Supervisor Approval - The supervisor can approve/unapprove the time an employee will receive for the pay period.
  • Sign Off - The ExakTime Administrator can sign off on a time card to deem it complete and suitable for payroll. When an employee's time card has been "Signed Off" the lower-level approvals can not be removed and there can be no further time card edits.

Setting Up and Using Time Card Approvals

  1. Enabling and Setting Up Time Card Approvals - How to enable and set up the Time Card Approvals (Reminders, Notifications, and Security Role Permissions)
  2. How to Approve a Time Card - Steps on how a user would approve their own time card and/or other time cards.
  3. How to Remove a Time Card Approval(s) - Steps on how a Time Card Approval can be removed on a time card.
  4. Reviewing Time Card Approvals - Steps on how a user can review an employee's Time Card Approval and Approval History.

Additional Resources

Quarantined Time

After a time card has been approved, future records from the field will not reach the employee's time card, but will instead go into a Quarantined Time tab of Time Card Summary. The records will sit in the Quarantined Time section until all the time card approvals have been removed.

For more information regarding Quarantined Time, you can refer to Quarantined Time.

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