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Field Value Setup - Facilities

Facilities are an optional field used for grouping Employees but required if you are going to use the EEO-1 Report. If the EEO-1 report will be used, Employees must be assigned to a facility in the Employee Demographic menu.

If facility values are not defined in the Facilities page, then the Facility dropdown field will be blank on the Employee Demographic Information section.

Navigating to Occupations Field Value Setup
  • From the menu, expand Setup and click Setup Properties.


  • Hover over Field Value Setup in the top menu bar and click Facilities.



  • Edit.gif - Click this icon to open a tab/window to edit the facility details.
  • Facility - The name of the facility.
  • Facility Code 1
  • Active Status

From the Actions drop-down menu, you can:


Adding a Facility

  • When selecting the "Add New Facility" option, a new tab/window should open allowing you to enter the details of the facility. All required fields will be in RED.
    • Facility Name - Required.
      The facility name will be seen in drop-down menus when assigning to employees.
    • Address - Required
    • Address 2
    • City - Required
    • State - Required
    • Zip - Required
    • County - Required
    • Description
    • Unit Number
    • Facility Code 1
    • Facility Code 2
    • Facility Contact 1
    • Facility Contact 2
    • Phone 1
    • Phone 2
    • Fax
    • Active checkbox


  • Click Add Facility when finished.

Edit a Facility

  • Click the Edit.gif edit icon towards the left of a facility.


  • Edit the information for the facility details.


  • Save any changes.

Delete Selected Records

  • Select the facilities to delete.


  • Use the Actions drop-down menu and click Delete Selected Record(s).


  • Confirm the deletion of the facility/facilities. If the facility has been assigned to an employee record, the facility will be unassigned from the employee.


Export All/Active Facilities

Clicking Export All Facilities or Export Active Facilities will allow you to download and review an .XLS file containing a list of all your facilities or only active facilities. An example has been provided below:


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